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Kathleen Kurke
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National Education Recruiter

Recruiting Staff

At Starbridge Group Inc., we are committed to supporting our clients in building a team of people who have the knowledge, skills and attributes to make their business vision a reality.  We accomplish this by consulting with our clients on staffing and compensation issues, and by successfully placing qualified candidates in targeted positions within their organization.

We work only in the consulting, training, education, and learning technology industries.  Our clients are companies that either sell training, consulting and related services to other buseness or provide educational tools for school systems. We also help companies that are trying to hire in-house trainers or in-house consulting and training professionals.

Our corporate expertise is in collaborating with clients to build a hiring profile that is linked to the business needs behind the job.  We identify and recruit candidates who have demonstrated the ability to do what our clients need them to do and we have helped our clients successfully hire into all levels of their organization from trainer to company president.   This is the level of business understanding and the caliber of candidate our clients require.

As a team, the Starbridge Group has accumulated years of experience in the training, education and consulting industries.  And we have worked professionally at every level for which we now recruit.  Founded in 1988, we have established a reputation for creating success for our clients and achieving national recognition for our accomplishments in the recruiting field.  Many members of our team have repeatedly been recognized as "Account Executive of the Year" by our industry trade associations, and all of our team members continue to rank as national performers.